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Introducing our new Shopify & Recharge integrations1 min read

May 5, 2022 < 1 min
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Introducing our new Shopify & Recharge integrations1 min read

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We’re super excited to announce the launch of an all new Shopify and Recharge Payments integration. If your subscription business uses Shopify you can now install the Upzelo app from the Shopify app store and start saving more customers right away.

Here at Upzelo we’re always looking for new opportunities to empower more and more businesses to fight churn and increase retention. We’ve listened to subscription business owners from all over the world and have seen how many rely on the power of the Shopify platform.

We saw an opportunity to make Upzelo even easier to get setup on your website. With a simple install from the Shopify app store you can connect your Shopify store to Upzelo. No code editing, no hassle.

We have even made the connection experience simple for users with Recharge on their Shopify platform. All you need to do is enter your Recharge API key code into your Upzelo Settings screen and you’re ready to go.

By connecting your Upzelo account to Shopify you’ll be able to automate offers, process cancellations, build targeted audiences and publish beautiful cancellation flows that can save up 40% of your cancelling subscribers.

Upzelo’s Shopify app is available to install from today and requires no credit card to get started. Once you’ve created your Upzelo account you’ll have 30 days to discover the power of Upzelo for free. You’ll have full access to all of Upzelo’s features and you’ll be free to publish as many flows as you like for 30 days.

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