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Introducing the “Customers” area: A Comprehensive Product Directory for Your SaaS

Feb 21, 2023 2 min

Introducing the “Customers” area: A Comprehensive Product Directory for Your SaaS

Reading Time: 2 minutes

An easy way to manage your customer list, tailor and validate customer experiences. With the new “Customers” area, you can now browse a directory of your customers, review their retention data, and validate customer experiences with tailored flows.

The new “Customers” feature offers the following capabilities:

Search by Name and ID

Easily search customer profiles by name, ID, or other details. This makes it easier to identify and contact customers, and offers further insights into customer behavior and interests.

Preview Assigned Flow

Check the assigned flow for each individual customer and make sure they are getting the right experience. This way, you can be sure customers are engaging with the right content, and that their experience is tailored to their interests.

Customer Metrics

Get detailed metrics on your customer’s activity, including active, new, cancelled, and overdue customers. This will give you a better understanding of your customer’s engagement and how to optimize it.

View Coupons, Subscriptions, and Activity

See all coupons and subscriptions associated with each customer and get an overview of their activity. This will help you identify trends and understand customer preferences.

Potential Revenue Saving

Discover how much money you can save by optimizing customer experiences. By targeting the right audience, you can reduce the cost of customer acquisition and maximize your revenue.

Unassigned Customers

Know the number of unassigned customers who are not receiving a tailored flow. This will help you understand which customers need to be assigned to a specific flow and optimize their customer experience.

View All Customers in an Audience

Check out all customers in a specific audience and get insights into customer behavior. This will give you a better understanding of the people who are engaging with your product and how to better target them.

The new “Customers” feature is the perfect way to manage customer data and create tailored experiences. Make sure to review your customer data and optimize customer experiences to maximize customer retention and acquisition.

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